Jeopardy Results 3/27/2020

Daily Double Correct Answers: Same as yesterday

Final Jeopardy Correct Answers: Same as yesterday (Correct: Who is Harry S. Truman?)

Winner: Khalilah ($2,399)

Message for tonight’s J! contestants especially Khalilah: We understand the pressures of being on national television & that the game’s material may not always quite click. We know how hard it can be, & how nerve-racking it is when you have cameras watching, the bright lights and millions of people watching you, but be sure to keep your composure & do not break under pressure, OK?

Adam’s Grade: TBA

Adam’s Rating: TBA

Grade: F+

Rating: 4

Let’s Make a Deal Results 3/27/2020

How Many Perfect Deals?: 2 (one was technical & one got traded away)

Car Win?: Yes

TPIR Game Played: The Big Wheel (“LIVE” Stage Version): 1-out-of-3 were won

Big Deal revealed by increasing values (Howard):

SD (#3): BOWFLEX treadmill + Hampton Fitness kettlebells ($3,462)(T)

MD (#1): VIZIO 55″ HDTV, rypen cabinet, apple TV & home pod ($5,808)(James)- ELIM.

BD (#2): Trip to Warwick Le Lagon Vanuatu ($22,738) + $2K (R)

Instagram Quickie Deal (Nicole): Tiffany wearing inflatable flamingo appears instead of Wayne w/ a trader holding a clapperboard- $

Grade: C-

Rating: 7

Jimmy Kimmel was on a Colonial Penn commercial during this episode. Seriously, Harry Friedman?

The Price is Right Results 3/27/2020

Any Number: L

Switch?: L

Time is Money: Wins $15,775

Showcase Showdown Winner #1: Christos

Squeeze Play: W

Go for a Spin: Wins $500

One Wrong Price: W

Final boarding call for the trip to Zonkville: Shannan (four unfortunate victims this week)

Showcase Showdown Winner #2: John

Showcase Winner: Christos ($31,683.32)

Miscellaneous: The showcase total doesn’t mention the cents so I added one.

Grade: F-

Rating: 1

Jimmy Kimmel was on a Colonial Penn commercial during this episode.

Wheel of Fortune Results 3/26/2020

Mark: $9,000

David: $4,150

Cyndi: $12,500

Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: $4,100

Scary moments:

  • Cyndi calls P for PAINFUL DUD to let go of $10,200 in cash & spree, & that could’ve been even more painful had she flipped the MW (she didn’t want to risk the MDW, but it was the good one).
  • We got a $0 prize puzzle win for the third time this week due to Cyndi’s blown solve in that round. Yet, despite those mistakes that she made, she still won (Ant0824’s Tip: DON’T solved the prize puzzle without cash)…


Bonus Round Win: No because of a triple stumper…















…and it was a good Thing she didn’t eat Too much and All She lost was only $37K, The Million Dollars was Hiding under the “E” under AMERICA which was landed on Yesterday and she was a bit off.

Adam’s Grade: C

Adam’s Rating: 5

Grade: F+

Rating: 4

Let’s Make a Deal Results 3/26/2020

How Many Perfect Deals?: 2

Car Win?: Yes

TPIR Game Played: Cliffhangers: L

Big Deal (Colten):

SD (#3): $2,112 – VAULTED OUT

MD (#2): Outdoor furn., Kudo outdoor speakers & Deep Sentinel home security ceramics pkg. ($6,088)

BD (#1): Trip to The Sands & white Mitsubishi Mirage G4

Quickie Deals

Taylor Branham: Pen(cil)(R)($200) – X

Yuki: Anything w/ zipper (T)($200) – $

Grade: C-

Rating: 7

The rest of this episode did not air in my area due to breaking news.

Let’s Make a Deal Results 3/25/2020

How Many Perfect Deals?: 0

Car Win?: No

TPIR Game Played: 3 Strikes: Wins $2,000

Big Deal revealed by ascending door numbers and increasing values (Erika by default):

SD (#1): Fisher & Paykel kitchen + Vermicular cooker ($4,578)

MD (#2): 75″ 4K HDTV, rypen textured media console & speaker ($6,270) – M.O.

BD (#3): YourParadise trip + EVERYTHING IN THE BIG DEAL

Quickie Deals

Kimberly: Mirror (James)($200) – $

Elle: Thought James comes from Melbourne (other choices were Sydney & Adelaide)(Jonathan)($200) – $

Judy: Banana chip (T)($500) – $

Grade: D+

Rating: 6

Pat Sajak was on a Colonial Penn commercial during this episode.