Wheel of Fortune Vintage Results 11/13/1987

Another one for you guys.

Jean: Zonked Out for Lovely Parting Gifts

Kathy: $14,650

John: Zonked Out for Lovely Parting Gifts

GT: $14,650


Bonus Round Win? Yes (Cadillac Allante Roadster worth $59,360)

Kathy’s Final Total: $74,010 (TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP)

Grade: A+
Rating: 10

Ismael’s Grade: TBA
Ismael’s Rating: TBA

Wheel of Fortune Vintage Results 3/29/1996

Before I sign off for the week until Friday I would like to get this out for you guys.

Janet: $19,712 (2-day $36,802)

Jim: Deservingly Zonked Out for Lovely Parting Gifts

Glenn: $1,250

GT: $20,962


Just why, Jim?! 😑

Bonus Round Win?: No (Ford Taurus)

Grade: D+
Rating: 6

Ismael’s Grade: TBA
Ismael’s Rating: TBA

Wheel of Fortune Vintage Results 3/6/2013

Haven’t done one of these in a while…

Nicole: $1K IN HARD LUCK
Michael: $18,300
Dave: $16,550

Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: $2,950 (All from Nicole in R1)

Scary Moments:

  • With T _ E showing, Nicole calls a trap letter of H while on a MW (puzzle was a BEFORE & AFTER of FAIR AND SQUARE TOE BOOTS).

Bonus Round Win: Yes ($30K)

Michael’s final all-cash total is $48,300 and Pat’s given a cue card in the end chat (TU3 was a SHOW BIZ puzzle of READING CUE CARDS, which might explain the antics.)

My Grade: B
My Rating: 7

Skipps’s Grade: C+
Skipps’s Rating 7

Ismael’s Grade:
Ismael’s Rating:

Wheel of Fortune Vintage Results 9/23/1988 (for David)

David: $23,200

Jennifer: $2,850

Ellen: Zonked out for lovely parting gifts

Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: $900

Bonus Round Win: Yes (S6 was the last season contestants could choose whatever prize they wanted to play for before the introduction of the WHEEL envelope holder & later the Bonus Wheel; he went w/ the cash.)

David’s Final Total: $48,200

Grade: B-
Rating: 8

Ismael’s Grade: C+
Ismael’s Rating: 7

On a tragic side note, David was KILLED in an accident 5 days before his episode aired.

Rest in peace, man. 👼🏻🙏🏻

Jeopardy Vintage Results 11/30/2004 — KEN JENNINGS’ LAST SHOW

The cast of Seinfeld made a guest appearance & read the Seinfeld-themed clues.

Daily Double and Final Jeopardy Correct Answers: 1 each (out of 2 for FJ!)

Zonked Out Before Final Jeopardy: David

Winner: Nancy ($14,401)

Ken Jennings gave Nancy Zerg a congratulatory hug & Ken was given a standing ovation after the show. Unfortunately, Los Angeles Times SPOILED his demise more than two months ahead of its air date.

Grade: C-
Rating: 7