“Child Support” 11/30

Not a good ending.
Grade: F
Rating: 3


Kyle (wedding officiant in Northridge)

#1: To be grammatically correct what movie’s theme song should be titled “Whom are you going to call”?
#2: Aluminum powder’s the secret behind the “magic screen” on what classic drawing toy?
#3: A “French dip” is a popular type of what?
Sandwich (kids DIDN’T get it)
#4: “Larry the Bird” was the name of the original logo for what co.?
abc (A: twitter)
#5: Approx. 75% of the human brain’s made up of what substance?
#6: You’re “hanging ten” while riding a wave- the “ten” refers to what?
Toes (kids missed)
#7: A cousin of the trumpet what musical instrument was known as a “sackbut” until around 1700?
Saxophone (A: Trombone)
#8: “Somnambulist” is a fancy word for a person who does what?
Sleepwalking (kids missed)- $50K

Michael (longtime HS principal in Long Beach)

#1: An epic triathlon…

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“America Says” 11/27

We are gone 0-2 this season. Any thoughts, guys?
Grade: F
Rating: 3


Billiard Buds: Alicia, Miracle, Christine & Mark
Little League Moms: Julie, Stephanie, Monique & Tara

#1: If I had time I would love to take a ____________ class
Cooking, art, yoga & language 
Julie Steal (P_________, W_____ & S____): Pottery (A: Photography, writing & spin)
#2: My cat’s obsessed w/ _______________
Toilet paper, yarn, catnip & sleeping
Alicia Steal (B____, F___ & M___): Mice, balls (A: Boxes & food)

#1: The most talented male actor of all-time’s ___________________
Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise, Marlon Brando, Robert de Niro & John Wayne 
Julie Steal (RW): Robin Williams
#2: The best part about visiting D.C.’s going to see the ____________________
White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, zoo, Smithsonian & Capitol
Alicia Steal (CB): X (A: Cherry blossoms)

#1: My kid’s really good at building ____________
LEGOs, forts, cars & blocks 
Alicia Steal (S_________, C_________ &…

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“America Says”- 2ND S.P.

We start the season with a bonus round wipeout. Any thoughts, guys?
Grade: F-
Rating: 1


There’s an intro announcer & a new theme.

Church Bunch: Tyanta, Urith, Stephanie & Keith
The Marathoners: Tyree, Austin, Jennifer & Jaime

#1: You’ve gotten squeeze ___________ extra hard for the last drop
Ketchup, lotion & toothpaste
Tyree Steal (O______, S_______, L______ & H____): Shampoo (A: Oranges, sponges, lemons & honey)
#2: Sometimes I dream about hiring my own personal ___________
Assistant, chef, trainer & maid
Tyanta Steal (M______, D_____ & B_____): Butler, driver & masseuse

#1: My dad’s all-time favorite hobby’s ____________
Golf, watching TV, reading, bowling & fishing
Tyree Steal (C_______ & C___): Cars& coaching (A: Camping)
#2: When I think about Matt Damon I think of _____________________
Movies, “Good Will Hunting” & Ben Affleck
Tyanta Steal (GE, JB, JK & M___): “ocean’s eleven”, Jason Bourne,Jack Kennedy (A: Jimmy Kimmel & Mars)

(Notes: Both the red & blue/red backgrounds are used…

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“Child Support” 11/23

Bad luck tonight. Any thoughts, guys?
Grade: F-
Rating: 2


Katrina (DET hairstylist)

#1: A cowlick is an unruly or problematic piece of what?
#2: What song in the musical “Mary Poppins” begins “With tuppence for paper and strings you can have your own set of wings”?
“My Favorite Things” (A: “Let’s Go Fly a Kite”)
#3: For a nutritious after-school snack health.gov suggests “ants on a log” where the “log” is celery & the “ants” are what?
#4: The Greek poet who wrote The Odyssey shared his name w/ what member of “THE SIMPSONS” family?
Homer (kids missed)
#5: You just rolled a turkey & then a four-bagger- what are you doing?
#6: The study of our internal organs & other parts of our body that can be seen w/o a microscope’s called “gross” what?
Anatomy (2nd miss by the kids)
#7: Acc. to a bestselling book if you give a mouse a cookie then…

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“Beat Bobby Flay” 11/22/18

Bad luck again for us. Any thoughts, guys?


M-U: Duskie v. Francesco Buitoni (Mercato chef/owner in Red Hook, NY)
R1 J: Giada & Sunny
KI: Gorgonzola

Duskie: Warm cabbage salad w/ bruschetta & gorgonzola fonduta
Francesco: Gorgonzola risotto w/ strawberries & a gorgonzola crostino
IN- Francesco

R2 J: Dale, Ivy & Kevin Sbraga
Francesco: Seafood Fra Diavolo w/ fresh pasta
Bobby: Seafood Fra Diavolo w/ saffron pasta & anchovy breadcrumbs- W

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“Funny You Should Ask” 11/19/18

We began the week with a Bonus Round wipeout and Jay will say Ay Que Mala Suerte Que Perdio. Any thoughts, guys?
Grade: F-
Rating: 1


Lee (information technology worker who’s married)
Monica (southwest MI woman who has a blog teaching women how to be eco-friendly)

#1: T or F- acc. to a study done at the Univ. of Cambridge women can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by breastfeeding.
Jon: T
Monica: RIGHT
#2: The word “alimony” comes from the Latin word meaning what?
Sherri: Debt
Lee: RIGHT (A: Nourishment)
#3: T or F- there’s a museum in Italy dedicated to spaghetti.
Louie: T
Monica: RIGHT
#4: T or F- during a 2007 Supreme Court trial the lawyer representing VIAGRA was held in contempt of court.
Byron: F
#5: T or F- acc. to Business Insider 72% of people get their most creative ideas in the shower.
Kathy Griffin: T
Monica: RIGHT
#6: T or F- acc. to Live Science cynical people are more likely to develop heart disease.
Billy: T

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“Child Support” 11/16

Charles just got $25,000. Any thoughts, guys?


Bridget (Waxhaw, NC who’s recently lost 70lbs)

#1: Your little sister CAN’T wait to show off her “stanky legg”- what’s she showing off?
Dance move
#2: What co. uses 27-ft.-long Wienermobiles to promote its products?
Oscar Meyer 
#3: If Imagine Dragons sang their song “Thunder” to the Norse god of thunder who would they be serenading?
#4: A British wartime poster created in 1939 urged citizens to “Keep calm and…” what?
“…carry on” (kids DIDN’T get it)
#5: 50 Cent has 50¢ in nickels & dimes. If he has twice as many dimes as nickels how many nickels does Fiddy have?
#6: As part of a 1987 campaign to discourage smoking what toy decided to give up his pipe?
Mr. Potato Head (kids missed)
#7: In The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington was the pumpkin king of what town?
#8: To honor holidays, events & people on…

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“Child Support” 11/9

More bad luck as Jay said Ay Que Mala Suerte Que Perdio again. Any thoughts, guys?


Charles (man in DEN who’s been married for four decades)

#1: Must of “The Smurfs” wear white but their leader wears red- who is he?
#2: I’m a human body part but you can also find me on a comb, saw or zipper- what am I?
#3: If you’re feeling queasy your mom might put you on the BRAT diet- bananas, rice, applesauce & what?
#4: Any dog lover could tell you that a Maltpoo is a mix of what?
Maltese & poodle (the kids missed; most of ’em had it half-right)
#5: Of all the planets in our solar system which one’s the hottest?
Mercury (A: Venus)
#6: “Estrella de mar” is the Spanish term for what creature that lives in the ocean?
Starfish (kids got stumped)
#7: In the classic 1805 nursery rhyme One, Two, Buckle My Shoe what rhyme directly followed “nine, ten”?

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