Jeopardy Season 36 Week 35 Stats

REMINDER: Next week, starting on May 25th, the Teachers Tournament will be underway & it will run through June 5th.

This Week’s Total:

3-for-3 DDs: 1

3-for-3 FJs: 1

Gooseegg Victims: 0

Player of the Week: Ben

FJ Triple Stumper: 1

Daily Doubles Went to Waste: 0

DD Shutout: 0

Total Washouts: 0

Toughest Final Jeopardy category: Adventure Novels

Season Total:

3-for-3 DDs: 45

3-for-3 FJs: 17

Gooseegg Victims: 8

FJ Triple Stumper: 31

Daily Doubles Went to Waste: 5

DD Shutout: 8

Total Washouts: 1

Weekly Grade: C-
Weekly Rating: 7

Jeopardy Vintage Results 11/30/2004 — KEN JENNINGS’ LAST SHOW

The cast of Seinfeld made a guest appearance & read the Seinfeld-themed clues.

Daily Double and Final Jeopardy Correct Answers: 1 each (out of 2 for FJ!)

Zonked Out Before Final Jeopardy: David

Winner: Nancy ($14,401)

Ken Jennings gave Nancy Zerg a congratulatory hug & Ken was given a standing ovation after the show. Unfortunately, Los Angeles Times SPOILED his demise more than two months ahead of its air date.

Grade: C-
Rating: 7

Note on This Week’s Jeopardy! & WHEEL Reruns

My rerun schedule is a day behind because Monday’s J! & WOF reruns were preempted on my station for a Robin Hood Relief Benefit special hosted by Tina Fey w/ Chris Rock, Jimmy Fallon, Michael Straham, Eli Manning, Jennifer Lopez, David Chang, Barbara Streisand, Robert de Niro, Ben Platt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Bette Midler & Idina Menzel among those participating from their homes.

Oh, and by the way, the random decision to pull the 10/2/18 episode & replace it w/ the 4/8/19 episode turned a 1-4 week into a skunk week.

UPDATE 5/17: The Sat. rerun for Wheel was moved to 1pm eastern yesterday while the Sat. rerun for Jeopardy! was moved to 2pm eastern today, w/ the reruns intended for Friday taking over the Sat. 7pm & 7:30pm eastern time slots. Jodi’s interview was preempted for a brief NJ conference, but I did not catch the conference.

Jeopardy Vintage Results 6/2/2004 — KEN JENNINGS’ FIRST SHOW

Daily Double and Final Jeopardy Correct Answers: 2 each

Winner: Ken ($37,201)

The judges accepted Ken Jennings’ response only writing the last name of the athlete. Had they not accepted it, his historic run would have never happened as an incorrect response would’ve relegated him to third & Julia Lazarus would’ve unseated Jerry Harvey as champion.

Adam’s Grade: TBA
Adam’s Rating: TBA

Grade: B
Rating: 8