Contestant of the Week for September 21-25, 2020

Theo of Press Your Luck is your Contestant of the Week. Making a comeback on the revival 36 years after his appearance on the original show, he won $167,837 before even going to the Bonus Round. Unfortunately, he didn’t have too much luck in the Bonus Round, but he did manage to salvage the $6K helicopter lessons out of it for a final total of $173,837 cash & prizes. Bobbymgsk gave Antwan a shoutout…

“(I can hear ant0824 right now saying “Who needs $47,250 when you have $167,837?”)”

Honorable Mentions: Brandon is the 15th winner of America’s got Talent; CJ made a good choice signing the contract on The Wall; Dana is Player of the Week on Jeopardy! going on a 2-day run w/ $44,800 plus the $1K 3rd place consolation.

Contestant of the Week for August 31-September 4, 2020

Murph, despite being last in on IC #9, is your Contestant of the Week, because he won this season’s individual Tough as Nails championship & bagged up $200,000!

Honorable Mentions: Pat Sajak himself was named consulting producer on WHEEL OF FORTUNE as did Ken Jennings on Jeopardy!; Brandon, Kenadi & Broken Roots Duo (on their own merit), Celina (online voting), & Bello Sisters (voted in by Howie & Sofia over Resound) advanced on America’s got Talent; Jessie & Grant both perfected the dive-off & became co-champs on the American Ninja Warrior ALL-STAR SKILLS CHALLENGE SPECIAL ’20; Celeste on Thursday’s WOF episode, after PAINFULLY BANKRUPTING near TD to lose $4,600 cash and sunglasses in R2 & then next round made a CRITICAL DQ not counting her R’s carefully, made quite the comeback by sweeping all of the Triple-Tossups then went from worst to first to steal the win from her opponents who were locked within a few hundred bucks of each other at ~$11K, & then carried that momentum after at first falling for the BEARS trap not remembering RSTLNE then corrected herself & pinpointed a GROUP OF WILD BOARS for $37K & saved us from the skunk; Sierra the next day made a similar comeback except Harry & Co. pulled a mean one on her & threw in the word “WOK” leaving her w/ a measly $14,800 of all-cash winnings to take home.

Contestant of the Week for August 10-14, 2020

The Williams family from the Don’t S.F. are your Contestants of the Week due to scoring a near-perfect win on the show. Throwback Shoutouts once again go out to the fifteen contestants who participated in the 2002 Jeopardy! Million Dollar Masters in NYC Radio City, particularly then-reigning ToC champion Brad Rutter who at the conclusion of the big tournament solidified himself as one of the all-time greats becoming the FIRST-EVER JEOPARDY! MILLIONAIRE BY JUST ONE DOLLAR OVER 2-TIME TEEN TOURNAMENT CHAMPION ERIC NEWHOUSE!! And then he would go on to win many more tournaments since, never losing to a human (he lost to IBM’s Watson) until the G.O.A.T. Tournament where he finished last to 2nd place James Holzhauer & winner Ken Jennings.

Contestant of the Week for August 3-7, 2020

Ash Colwell aka acwof, the current recapper on, is this week’s Contestant of the Week. Ash put out a dominating performance on Monday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune & made impressive solves in R4 & in the BR, showing us all why he’s the BaV recapper, turning out to have prevented a skunking this week. Throwback shoutouts go to the fifteen contestants partaking in the 2002 Jeopardy! Million Dollar Masters in NYC Radio City to celebrate the show’s 4000th episode. Tribute: India Cooper (July 24, 1952 – May 17, 2020).

Honorable Mentions: Courtney & Will were the Eastern Region champions in each of their genders in The Titan Games; Ari became the 20th champion of Worst Cooks of America, winning against Chopped Junior champion Arden in the final SDC before the final champion w/ her pork taco w/ cabbage salad & apricot salsa dish. In the final challenge.. her appetizer dish was lobster w/ crushed sunchokes & salsa verde, followed by her entrée — duck breast w/ roasted potatoes, radicchio & grapes. Finally, for dessert she put together a dish of strawberry almond tart w/ lemon sorbet before ultimately winning the title; Bobby Flay was beat on 8/1.