Contestant of the Week for May 11-15, 2020

Catherine O’Hara (Upward Bound House) is this week’s Contestant of the Week, winning the most money of any celebrity contestant so far on this new iteration of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, walking w/ $250,000….. although she would’ve been right had she took the risk for the answer.

Honorable Mentions: Toneisha joins Micah, Artis, CammWess & Todd as the last Finalist of this season of the Voice; We may have had 4 out of 6 (incl. primetime show) PG winners win the showcase on TPIR, but this week was awful… although in both the Monday shows.. Brady on the daytime show & Robert on the primetime show.. hold the top two totals this week w/ the latter being this week’s Pricing Champ, & the Monday shows turned out to have prevented complete disaster this week unlike sister show LMAD.

This Week’s Contestant of the Week for May 4-8, 2020

Sonrob who became the champion of Season 6 of Spring Baking Championship & won the $25,000 prize is this week’s Contestant of the Week.

Honorable Mentions: Katie is this week’s TPIR Pricing Champion having won $53,300 cash & prizes; Desiree from LMAD who turned out to have prevented a weekly car skunking; Owen (9-10), Jack (11-12) & Vance (13-14) are semifinalists in each of their age groups in American Ninja Warrior Junior.

This Week’s Contestant of the Week for April 27-May 1, 2020

Sarah of Jeopardy is your Contestant of the Week, finally breaking the 1-day curse among regular-play contestants then go on to win $89,300 on a 4-day run likely earning a spot in the ToC.

Honorable Mentions: Jesse is also doing well on Jeopardy! w/ a 2-day total of $43,400; Valerie took her time & chose her letters wisely to avert the skunk threat on Thursday’s WOF episode; George on Friday’s WOF episode proved to be a good puzzle solver, but then he blew an easy BR puzzle; Laura averted the car skunk on Friday’s LMAD episode; Gretchen from Friday’s TPIR episode gave Make Your Move its first win since March 8, 2019 then went to the showcase but then lost; Kyle snapped the Monday Curse on LMAD; Jasmine is this week’s TPIR Pricing Champion.

This Week’s Contestants of the Week for April 20-24, 2020

As requested by Antwan we will now be including the entire week in the title rather than just the Friday date from now on.

Even though this was a Sunday, April 19th show, grandma/granddaughter duo Nellie & Taylor from The Wall are this week’s Contestants of the Week & most likely Contestants of the Month. Now, remember Rebekah, the Boston Marathon bombing survivor from the epic 3rd S.P. of The Wall where she set the new all-time winnings record of $1,455,631 a month ago? Well guess what…
























WAY TO GO NELLIE & TAYLOR!!! You two sure deserve every penny of that!

Honorable Mentions: Cedric became the champion of Chopped Sweets; Michael from Wheel of Fortune dominated the front game even though the wheel was being mean to contestants & then he became the second $50K winner this season preventing a $37K minimum sweep in the process; All of this week’s kids on TPIR; Valerie stopped a BD skunk threat in LMAD; Season-high car wins in LMAD; Justin made it just in time to win the MR in 25 Words or Less; The fun & entertaining Aurora who’s not a big loser despite her BR loss. We’re all watching, Aurora. 🙂

This Week’s Contestant of the Week for April 17, 2020

Nibir of Jeopardy is your contestant of the week. Nibir entered the Semifinals as a wild card and eclipsed his opponents and in the Final, he beaten Xioake and odds on favorite Tyler to win the 2020 College Championship.

Honorable Mentions: Tyler & Xiaoke both got into the Finals in very impressive ways (Tyler as favorite & Xiaoke as underdog); Joseph is this week’s TPIR Pricing Champion w/ Mattina right on his tail; Gabrielle from LMAD preventing a BD skunk threat just like Chantal prevented a weekly car skunk the next day.

This Week’s Contestant of the Week for April 10, 2020

Tony & Dave from Wheel of Fortune are your co-Contestants of the Week for giving us a week we won’t forget. Tony’s game was on Monday & it was his second appearance on the show after having previously played & won there in Dec. ’17 but was invited back due to his BR puzzle being from the wrong category different from the one he chose. His second appearance blew his first out of the water as he nearly swept the maingame w/ $48,831 cash & Barbados + WC before the BR & then won the $45K for a grand total of $93,831 cash & trip and a final 2-day total on the program w/ $119,545 cash & prizes to became the new S37 champ. Well, at least for two days — On Andy’s birthday episode Dave stunned us all & collected $71,890 cash & Barbados… good enough to set the 3rd highest maingame total of all time!!! That dominance didn’t stop there as he wasn’t literally saying the answer IN A ROUNDABOUT WAY, but rather clearly and directly for the win, which meant he dethroned Tony as the S37 leader after just a short two days after having won the BMW X2 xDrive28i worth $41,165, giving him $113,055 CASH & PRIZES!!! Not only was this the best week of this season but also one of the most memorable of all time! I personally will never forget this week of WHEEL.

Honorable Mentions: Jason from Friday’s WOF episode also closing strong & piled on to Tony & Dave’s totals to secure the season-high week of $375,557 blowing away those of S35 & S36; Grace from the Thursday WOF episode for her come from behind victory in an otherwise dull episode; Lamont from Wednesday’s TPIR episode winning nearly $50K altogether including car to be this week’s Pricing Champion; Cheyrl who turned out to have fended off the BD skunk on Tuesday’s LMAD episode; Nicholas showing us a small bit of redemption on Friday’s TPIR massacre helping us narrowly avoid the PG skunk w/ a $5K bailout partial loss, winning the $1K bonus in the SCSD & then winning the showcase; The semifinalists of the 2020 Jeopardy! College Tournament w/ Tyler & Nathaniel being the apparent favorites; Valencia & Essence on The Wall making the smart decision to sign the $100,189 contract to prevent a bust.

This Week’s Contestant of the Week for March 20, 2020

Rebekah from the 3rd S.P. of The Wall is this week’s Contestant of the Week. Rebekah, who is a survivor of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing as Antwan recalls, kicked things off for this new season of The Wall on Sunday in a big way…












She sure deserves EVERY PENNY of that!!!!! Now that is how you kick off a season BIG TIME!!

Honorable Mentions: The rest of this week wasn’t that great overall, but Emma who’s Canadian & Regina from Tuesday’s LMAD episode ended our car game drought; Dana & Christian’s incredible maingame on WOF Mon & Tues, respectively, w/ the latter turning out to be our sole BR winner of this week; Dani’l is this week’s TPIR Pricing Queen w/ $44,183 cash & prizes; Emitxu on the stellar preempted Nov 13 2019 episode averting the BD skunk threat; Tim’s big R1 & FS buzzer-beater on Thurs. WOF episode; Noah was the only college student who came prepared on Wed. WOF episode & had a decent game.