Jeopardy Season 36 Week 35 Stats

REMINDER: Next week, starting on May 25th, the Teachers Tournament will be underway & it will run through June 5th.

This Week’s Total:

3-for-3 DDs: 1

3-for-3 FJs: 1

Gooseegg Victims: 0

Player of the Week: Ben

FJ Triple Stumper: 1

Daily Doubles Went to Waste: 0

DD Shutout: 0

Total Washouts: 0

Toughest Final Jeopardy category: Adventure Novels

Season Total:

3-for-3 DDs: 45

3-for-3 FJs: 17

Gooseegg Victims: 8

FJ Triple Stumper: 31

Daily Doubles Went to Waste: 5

DD Shutout: 8

Total Washouts: 1

Weekly Grade: C-
Weekly Rating: 7

Let’s Make a Deal Season 11 Week 35 Stats

This Week’s Total:

Total Perfect Deals: 10

Total Car Wins: (same as last week)

Big Deal Wins: 1

Medium Deal Wins: 3

Small Deal Wins: 1

Big Deal Revealed Second: 0-3 (worst week since October 2017)

$30,000+ Big Deals: 0-0

Aired Quickie Deal Record (W-L): 4-1

Total Quickie Deal Shutouts: 2 (Aired: 1; Unaired: 1)

Season Total:

Total Perfect Deals: 267

Total Weekly Perfect Deal Shutouts: 0

Total Car Wins: 57

Total Weekly Car Shutouts: 6

Big Deal Wins: 45

Medium Deal Wins: 62

Small Deal Wins: 50

Big Deal Revealed Second: 13-13

$30,000+ Big Deals: 0-1

Total Big Deal Shutouts: 5

Aired Quickie Deal Record (W-L): 240-99

Total Quickie Deal Shutouts: 20 (Aired: 10; Unaired: 10)

Skipps’ Weekly Grade: F
Skipps’ Weekly Rating: 3 (those BD knockouts tanked my rating BIG TIME)

Weekly Grade: F+
Weekly Rating: 4

The Price is Right Season 48 Week 35 Stats

Interesting roller coaster of a week featuring nominees for both WORST CONTESTANT OF THE SEASON (Gilbert) & BEST CONTESTANT OF THE SEASON (Darlene (not by total winnings, but gameplay-wise)).

This Week’s Totals:

Pricing Games Wins: 18

Pricing Games Partial Wins: 2

Pricing Game Partial Losses: 0

Pricing Game Losses: 10

Total Wipeouts 1

Total Pricing Game Shutouts: 0

First Four Victims: 1

Dud Spins: 3 (same as last week)

Double Showcase Wins: 0

Double Overs: 0

This Week’s Pricing Champion: Darlene

Season Total:

Pricing Games Wins: 456

Pricing Games Partial Wins: 61

Pricing Game Partial Losses: 25

Pricing Game Losses: 411

Total Wipeouts: 23

Total Pricing Game Shutouts: 0

Total Weekly Car Game Shutouts: 2

First Four Victims: 82

Dud Spins: 45

Double Showcase Wins: 3

Double Overs: 5

Weekly Grade: C
Weekly Rating: 7

Let’s Make a Deal Results 5/21/2020

How Many Perfect Deals?: Same as yesterday

Car win?: No

Big Deal (Nicole by default):

SD (#2): OutdSD (#1): Fisher & Paykel kitchen + yr. of Tony Luke’s food ($4,768)

MD (#2): Trip to BYD Lofts – GAME OVER (revealed last)

BD (#3): $21,175

Quickie Deals

Katie: Thought the top part of her unicorn head was blue (J) – $

Israel: Credit card which started w/ 5 ($200) – $

Grade: F
Rating: 3