Wheel of Fortune Results 1/19/2021

Jayne: Deservingly Zonked Out for Lovely Parting Gifts

Matt: $18,298

Ty: $13,400

Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: $10,600 + WC

Scary moment:

  • We got an incorrect letter on the Express wedge.

Bonus Round Win?: No (Same BMW from yesterday)

Adam’s Grade: D+
Adam’s Rating: 4

Grade: F-
Rating: 2

Stamp of Rejection

Jayne, you should feel ashamed of yourself for tonight’s performance.

Let’s Make a Deal Results 1/19/2021

How Many Perfect Deals?: 3

Car Win?: Yes

Big Deal revealed by ascending door numbers (Steven):

SD (#2): KYMCO Mongoose 270 EURO

MD (#1): Apple pkg. + RAPIDX pkg. ($7,123)

BD (#3): 2n OnBoat.com Miami yacht getaway ($12,054) + EVERYTHING IN THE BIG DEAL – LOSING STREAK FOR DAYTIME SNAPPED

SOLE AIRED QD (Sean): Thought there were 18 at-home players on the screens (J)($200) – $

Grade: B+
Rating: 8

Trevor Noah was on a Colonial Penn commercial during this episode.