Let’s Make a Deal Results 3/30/2020

How Many Perfect Deals?: 0

Car Win?: No

Big Deal (Zachary & Vanessa by default):

SD (#3): Beach sports pkg. + High Brew products ($2,638) – GAME OVER (revealed last)

MD (#2): rypen music rm. incl. U-Turn Audio pkg. & Turntable subscrip.

BD (#1): Chevrolet Trax

Quickie Deals

Joseph: Anything to write w/ ($300) – $

Alejandra: Sunflower seeds (J)($500) – $

Sharon: Remembering how much was in that fortune cookie (T)($200) – $

Richard: Knew that they’re in their 11th season (J)($200) – $

Selina: Hand lotion (T) – X

Kiri: Emory board ($200) – X

Grade: F-

Rating: 1

Jimmy Kimmel was on a Colonial Penn commercial during this episode.

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