Wheel of Fortune Results 3/26/2020

Mark: $9,000

David: $4,150

Cyndi: $12,500

Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: $4,100

Scary moments:

  • Cyndi calls P for PAINFUL DUD to let go of $10,200 in cash & spree, & that could’ve been even more painful had she flipped the MW (she didn’t want to risk the MDW, but it was the good one).
  • We got a $0 prize puzzle win for the third time this week due to Cyndi’s blown solve in that round. Yet, despite those mistakes that she made, she still won (Ant0824’s Tip: DON’T solved the prize puzzle without cash)…


Bonus Round Win: No because of a triple stumper…















…and it was a good Thing she didn’t eat Too much and All She lost was only $37K, The Million Dollars was Hiding under the “E” under AMERICA which was landed on Yesterday and she was a bit off.

Adam’s Grade: C

Adam’s Rating: 5

Grade: F+

Rating: 4

One thought on “Wheel of Fortune Results 3/26/2020

  1. Cyndi not risking the MW is not a scary moment if the MDW was on the line. Although it was the good MW, that dud would’ve been even more painful had she flipped it. Would’ve threw away almost double the money.


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