Wheel of Fortune Results 12/31/2019

This is our last chance to pull off a $100K/$1M miracle for 2019, so here goes nothing…

Corrine: $14,330

Leon: $59,700

Kyle: $1K from R4

Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: $1,550

Scary Moment:

  • We got an incorrect letter on the EXPRESS wedge.

Bonus Round Win?: Yes


Furthermore, all of December was a TOTAL $37K WASHOUT as the pesky BR minimum shows up for possibly a record eighteenth consecutive time.

At least we didn’t have as many grand prize losses.

Skipps’ Grade: C

Skipps’ Rating: 7

Grade: D+

Rating: 6

Happy New Year! I’ll see you Friday.

Let’s Make a Deal Results 12/30/2019

How Many Perfect Deals?: 1

Car Win?: Yes

Big Deal (Denise):

SD (#3): hydrow machine + H-FACTOR & RSP supplements ($3,479)

MD (#2): 1wk trip to Malta ($13,364) – M.O.

BD (#1): ’20 Hyundai IONIQ SE ($25,880) (revealed second)

SOLE AIRED QD (Michawn): $100 for every $1 bill, up to three (T) – WIPEOUT

Grade: D-

Rating: 5

Unfortunately, that is our fifth quickie deal shutout of the season. Also, Pat Sajak was on the Colonial Penn commercial during this episode.

What Else Happened in 1997

As the 49ers got the number one seed and the home field advantage and the San Antonio Spurs missed the playoffs for the first time since 1997, here’s what else happened in that year:

  • Bill Clinton began his second term
  • WrestleMania 13 was held in Chicago
  • Speaking of WWE, Kane debuts during the Hell in a Cell match at Badd Blood: In Your House
  • Bret “The Hitman” Hart left WWE after losing to Shawn Michaels at the Survivor Series also known as the Montreal Screwjob
  • Hercules, Men in Black, Good Burger, The Rainmaker, Tomorrow Never Dies, Flubber, The Fifth Element, As Good as It Gets, Vegas Vacation, George of the Jungle, Selena, The Fully Monty, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Air Force One, Batman & Robin, Liar Liar, My Best Friend’s Wedding and Titanic were released in theaters
  • Cow and Chicken, I am Weasel and Johnny Bravo premiered on Cartoon Network
  • As I said what happened in 1992, 1993 and 1998, the Chicago Bulls won the NBA Finals
  • Mario Kart 64 was released for the Nintendo 64 outside of Japan
  • TNT stops airing NFL games after 7 years.
  • Savage Garden released their debut album
  • As I said what happened in 2003, the Miami Dolphins were absent on Fox.
  • Family Matters and Step by Step move to CBS for their last season after ABC stops airing them
  • Frasier, Law and Order, Everybody Loves Raymond, KaBlam!, E.R., The Nanny, The Drew Carey Show, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Home Improvement, Boys Meets World, JAG and The X-Files were still airing new episodes
  • Jay Leno was still the host of the Tonight Show while Conan O’Brien was the host of Late Night
  • Notorious B.I.G. was shot and killed
  • Bob Saget hosts America’s Funniest Home Videos for one last time
  • The San Antonio Spurs selected Tim Duncan as their number one pick.
  • CBS began airing their Saturday morning newscast
  • Coach, Roseanne and Married with Children concluded their run
  • TV rating system goes into effect
  • The Little Mermaid returns to theaters
  • Mom and Dad went to Honolulu, Hawaii and met Charles Barkley for an autograph
  • The Florida Marlins won the World Series
  • Rugrats returns to Nickelodeon with all new episodes
  • Ellen DeGeneres becomes a lesbian
  • Angry Beavers premiered on Nickelodeon
  • South Park premiered on Comedy Central
  • Disney’s One Saturday Morning went on the air for the first time
  • Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris
  • The Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XXXI
  • One of my aunts recorded a February 1997 episode of Sábado Gigante on a blank VHS
  • The music video for El Príncipe – Dos by El Morro began its production
  • We lived in Dover Ridge
  • Blu Ray does not exist yet
  • The first DVDs released in the United States
  • Netflix was founded
  • The Oilers moved from Houston to Tennessee
  • Murphy Brown began their last season
  • The Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup
  • Raw became Raw is War
  • The Attitude Era began
  • The first Harry Potter & Captain Underpants books were published
  • This was the last time WOF ran midseason reruns until last week
  • The New York Giants drafted RB Tiki Barber
  • Tiger Woods won the First Masters
  • Ruth was doing gymnastics

That is all what happened in 1997. I hope you liked it. This post was originally going to be posted when the San Antonio Spurs missed the playoffs.