Let’s Make a Deal Results HALLOWEEN ’19

How Many Perfect Deals?: Same as yesterday

Car Win?: Yes

Big Deal (Elmitchs):

SD (#3): Rumpl camping gear. & SSR Sand Vipers ($4,411)

MD (#2): 75″ HDTV, rypen cabinet, Klipsch speakers & lounge chair

BD (#1): 4n at Knock Castle Hotel & Spa ($12,738) + $10K – W

Quickie Deals:

Emily: Hand-drawn jack-o-lantern ($500) – $

Family dressed as Things #1 & #2: Remembering the cash amts. on the cauldrons (J)($300) – $

Another family: 31¢ (T)($200) – $

Trio Dressed as DEL, ATL & CTRL Keys (only kids could answer): Thought you could put dry ice in water to make smoke come out (J)($200) – $

Kya & Michelle: Tell how to make a smore ($300) – $

Skipps’ Grade: B-

Skipps’ Rating: 8

Grade: B-

Rating: 8

The Price is Right Results HALLOWEEN ’19

Grocery Game: L

1/2 Off: L

Side by Side: L

Bargain Game: W

Flip Flop: W

Gas Money: Wipeout (Same situation as what happened on Accelerator yesterday)

Being Buried at the Cemetery: Kelly & Michael

Showcase Winner: Shelby ($23,301)

Skipps’ Grade: F-

Skipps’ Rating: 2

Grade: F-

Rating: 2

The fourth and the fifth pricing games did not air on the East Coast due to a special report.

What Else Happened in 2012

As none of the top seeded team from each major professional sports league in North America won the championship for the first time since 2012, here’s what happened in that year:

  • Barack Obama won the re-election
  • The shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary happened at Newtown, Connecticut.
  • Adele won six Grammys
  • Brave, Skyfall, The Hobbit, The Avengers, The Lorax, Wreck it Ralph, Men in Black 3, The Dark Knight Rises, The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn: Part 2, Madagascar 3, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Hunger Games, Journey 2, Les Misérables, The Three Stooges, ParaNorman, Ice Age: Continental Drift, Frankenweenie, Hotel Transylvania and Rise of the Guardians were released in theaters
  • Speaking of The Dark Knight Rises, there was a shooting at Aurora, Colorado during the film’s premiere which led Warner Bros to cancel the red carpet of the movie in Paris, Mexico City and Tokyo
  • The New York Giants won Super Bowl XLVI
  • Sábado Gigante celebrated its 50th Anniversary
  • Discovery Family did not exist when it was known as the Hub at the time
  • Raw celebrated its 1000th episode
  • The Miami Heat won the NBA Finals
  • Two and the Half Men, The Middle, CSI, WordGirl, Dan Vs., The Cleveland Show, Mike & Molly and How I Met Your Mother were still airing new episodes
  • The Wizards of Waverly Place and iCarly have ended their run.
  • The Summer Olympics was held in London
  • The Office and 30 Rock began airing their last season
  • Went to Laughlin, Nevada for the first time in 11 or 12 years when coming back from San Diego
  • The New Orleans Saints had a bounty scandal with Sean Payton being banned for one year
  • Amway Arena was imploded
  • Hurricane Sandy hits the Northeast which includes most of New Jersey and New York
  • The Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup
  • DirecTV drops Viacom channels due to carriage dispute.
  • The NFL moves their late game to 3:25
  • Songs such as Harlem Shake, Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe were most watched on YouTube
  • Wii U was released
  • The San Francisco Giants won the World Series
  • Ladonna Compson and Bud Compson made their debut on the 16th season premiere of Arthur
  • Whitney Houston on the day before the Grammys
  • The NHL lockout happens
  • I went to my first art class with Mr. Mercado

That is all what happened in 2012. I hope you liked it.

Let’s Make a Deal Results 10/30/2019

How Many Perfect Deals?: Same as yesterday

Car Win?: No (Accelerator ended in a wipeout)

Big Deal revealed by reversed door numbers and increasing values (Suzanna by default):

SD (#3): Patio Heaven pkg.

MD (#2): SEA-DOO spark – M.O.

BD (#1): Ford EcoSport ($21,090)

Quickie Deals:

Jasmine: Anything w/ button – $

Emily: Tennis ball (J)($500) – $

Ahmed: Thought the letter on Woody in “TOY STORY” was the Y (T)($200) – X

Kyle & Callie: Something to write w/ or a piece of paper ($200) – $

Matthew: Thought the current pope was Pope Francis (J)($200) – $

Anita: Anything you can clean your hands w/ (T) – $

Skipps’ Grade: D-

Skipps’ Rating: 5

Grade: D-

Rating: 5