Sad news that I regret to share…

…sadly I must report that Valerie Harper has passed away this past Friday at age 80 and Andy’s paternal grandmother has also passed away this past Monday night at the age of 89 in the rehab facility in Montreal where she was staying. 

Rest in peace, Valarie Harper and Andy’s grandma. All thoughts, prayers & condolences go out to their loved ones.


Another Update on Wheel of Fortune Reruns & First Airdates of Season 37

The August 24 rerun is confirmed to be the 5/1/2018 Disney episode (unless my listings botched it too) and the final Summer rerun week is confirmed to be the Home Sweet Home week which took place during the week of Halloween, and Season 37’s edition of Home Sweet Home will once again take place during the week of Halloween, which brings me to this…

First S37 Airdates:

  • Week of September 9: The tradition of starting the season with Teachers Week continues.
  • Week of September 16: Spa Getaway.
  • Week of September 30: California Coast — let’s hope this season’s edition goes much better than last week’s TRAINWRECK that saw us get skunked then we had a $100,000 LOSS on the extra episode in the set for the first AG week, especially if that’s the set that Andy played on back in S35.
  • Week of October 7: Let’s Eat! — a possible return from the Silver Anniversary.
  • Week of October 14: Great Northwest.
  • Week of October 21: Bed & Breakfast.
  • Week of October 28: The aforementioned Home Sweet Home week.

Secret Santa weeks are returning this season as confirmed by Pat filming a promo for it during the July 26th tape date.