Wheel of Fortune Results 5/30/2019

Matthew: $28,397

Beth: $8,100

Cavetta: $1,000 from TU1

Scary Moment:

  • We have a $0 prize puzzle win

Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: $700 + WC + MDW

Bonus Round Win?: No ($100,000)

MATTHEW MISSES IT BY ONE LETTER AND HE’S OUR SIXTH AND MOST LIKELY FINAL $100,000 LOSER OF THE SEASON. Once again we almost had a TOTAL TRAINWRECK had it not been for the G even though he almost solved it but was off by, again, ONE LETTER.

Adam’s Grade: TBA

Adam’s Rating: TBA

Skipps’ Grade: D-

Skipps’ Rating: 5

Grade: F-

Rating: 1

Let’s Make a Deal Results 5/30/2019

How Many Perfect Deals?: 1

Car Win?: Yes

Big Deal Revealed By Increasing Values (Dorthy):

SD (#1): $2310

MD (#3): YAMAHA Vino & Honda Metropolitan + jiffy lube GT- X

BD (#2): Trip to Algodon Wine Estates + club glove USA luggage ($12,350) + EVERYTHING IN THE BIG DEAL

Aired Quickie Deals:

Jennifer: Anything w/ stamp on it ($200)- $

Diane: Pumpkin seeds (T)($500)- $

Lisa: NaCl means what? (J)- SALT (& she was dressed like it)

Keith: Receipt- $

Jennifer: Hand sanitizer or wet wipe (T)($200)- $

Agnes: Emory board (J)- X

Skipps’ Grade: C-

Skipps’ Rating: 7

Grade: C-

Rating: 7

Let’s Make a Deal Results 5/29/2019

How Many Perfect Deals?: 0

Car Win?: No

Big Deal (Deandra by default):

SD (#2): Laundry rm. – GAME OVER

MD (#1): YAMAHA WaveRunner

BD (#3): Home theater, Great American Cookies stuff & trip to Hotel Aria + $3K (which was revealed second)

Quickie Deals:

Latrise: Pink eraser ($500) – $

Nancy: Anything w/ battery (J) – $

Nashim: Spin a basketball on a finger for :03; triple the $100 if he did it for :06 (T) – $100

Skipps’ Grade: F-

Skipps’ Rating: 1

Grade: F-

Rating: 1