Jeopardy Season 35 Week 38 Stats

James is on track to pass Ken Jennings’ win total on Monday on his current average! How much further can he go?

3-for-3 DDs: 4 (is that perfect DD week coming soon?)

3-for-3 FJs: 1 (same as last week)

Gooseegg Victims: 0

Player of the Week: James (still going!)

FJ Triple Stumper: 0

Daily Doubles Went to Waste: 0

DD Shutout: 0

Weekly Grade: A-

Weekly Rating: 9


This Season’s Total:

3-for-3 DDs: 82

3-for-3 FJs: 39

Gooseegg Victims: 15

FJ Triple Stumper: 29

Daily Doubles Went to Waste: 0

DD Shutout: 6

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