Let’s Make a Deal Results 1/31/2019

How Many Perfect Deals?: 0

Car Win?: No

Big Deal (John by default):

SD (#3): Whirlpool kitchen + Explore Kitchen products ($2,918)

MD (#1): rypien L.R. ($7,895)

BD (#2): 4d CIE Tour of Ireland ($12,746) + EVERYTHING IN THE BIG DEAL – W

$500 QD (Gabriela): Unused toothbrush – $

Skipps’ Grade: C-

Skipps’ Rating: 7

Grade: C-

Rating: 7

As I said on Tuesday, Skipps, get the Febreze out.

Let’s Make a Deal Results 1/30/2019

How Many Perfect Deals?: 2

Car Win?: No

Big Deal (Omrish):

SD (#3): $3,400

MD (#1): HDTV trio ($7,800)

BD (#2): Trip to Beaches Negril + EVERYTHING IN THE BIG DEAL – W

Quickie Deals:

Tony: Credit card that has a number ending in 8 (J) – X

Turwanda: Anything for nails (T)($200) – $

Skipps’ Grade: C+

Skipps’ Rating: 7

Grade: C+

Rating: 7

Pat Sajak was on the Colonial Penn commercial during this episode.