Wheel of Fortune Results 1/3/2019

Andrew: $55,788

Katie: $13,928

Eddie: $8,200

Bonus Round Win?: Yes despite a quickie deal shutout (Toyota Highlander)

Skipps’ Grade: B+

Skipps’ Rating: 8

My Grade: C-

My Rating: 7

Let’s Make a Deal Results 1/3/2019

How Many Perfect Deals?: 2

Car Win?: No

Big Deal (Sarah):

SD (#1): Disrupt paddleboard pkg. ($3,798)

MD (#2): Home theater ($8,499)

BD (#3): Hyundai Kona SEL – AT LAST

Quickie Deals:

Tammi: Any nuts (J) – X

Rufus: Business card (T) – WIPEOUT

Unfortunately, we got our sixth quickie deal shutout this season.

Skipps’ Grade: D+

Skipps’ Rating: 6

My Grade: D+

My Rating: 6

Let’s Make a Deal Results 1/2/2019

Pray that we can get through this season…

How Many Perfect Deals?: 0

Car Win?: No

Big Deal By Increasing Values (Mybaka by default):

SD (#2): Kitchen + coffee beanery pkg. ($4K)

MD (#3): Outdoor D.R. pkg. ($5,768)- X

BD (#1): 4n at Algodon Wine Estates ($10,102) & FIAT Pop

Sole Aired Quickie Deal:

Paul: Thought $200 was placed by Jonathan- $

Skipps’ Grade: F-

Skipps’ Rating: 2

My Grade: F-

My Rating: 2