Let’s Make a Deal Results 9th S.F.

How Many Perfect Deals?: Yes

Car Win?: Yes (One was a heartbreaking bailout)

Big Deal (Kimberly) revealed by reverse door numbers:

SD (#2): Elec. pkg. – Middled Out & Season Really Over on 5/29

MD (#3): Trip to hotel ALLEGRO

BD (#1): Nissan Versa Note & EVERYTHING IN THE BIG DEAL

Quickie Deals:

Samantha: Blue yarn (J)($500) – $

Sharon: Magazine/book (T)($200) – $

Grade: D

Rating: 6

Another Troll Alert: theratburnrats

Check his blog out theratburnrats.wordpress.com

This guy made a blog dedicated to declaring technical wins on Wheel of Fortune. And he also BREAKS INTO Andy’s blog with a comment that’s now been deleted,

“Listen up, Andy Nguyen! I’ll have a surprise for you! Technical wins are good enough, but they are stupid. You’ve felled 7 out of 7 notebooks. Now, I’m theratburnrats. Don’t forget, 4 new categories called Sports, That’s Life, Fantasy, and Nintendo for Season 36 and beyond. I will start technical wins blog until further notice.”

Whoever you are, YOUR BLOG IS GARBAGE AND YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. EVERY $100,000 or $1 Million LOSS ARE NOT TECHNICAL WINS. What part of A LOSS IS A LOSS do you NOT understand?

His IP address is and his email is nigelratburn999@gmail.com. Location is Arlington, TX and his ISP is AT&T u-verse.

We’re all waiting for you to call up Sony Pictures Studios and get in trouble with them. Also, your blog has been reported to WordPress and you also have been reported to your ISP. They’re gonna take care of you, you bastard.

The Price is Right Vintage Results 4/8/2008

Flip Flop: L

It’s in the Bag: Wins $4,000

Pathfinder: L

Eazy as 123: L

Any Number: Total Wipeout

One Right Price: W

Heading off to the Leftover Island: Tyrone

Showcase Winner: Jason ($30,649.12)

Miscellaneous: The showcase total doesn’t mention the cents so I added one. Also, this is currently the last time that we saw a contestant winning the showcase despite wiping out on Any Number.

Grade: F-

Rating: 2

For bobbymgsk. Any thoughts, Skipps, Sam and Antwan?


Warning for “Gary Turner”

“Gary Turner,” or should I say… Jimmy Ruska…. listen to us bastard — YOU ARE NOT THE ONE WHO’S CALLING THE SHOTS. ONLY WHEEL OF FORTUNE DOES. DO NOT TELL US TO CORRECT $100,000 LOSSES AS TECHNICAL WINS. What part of A LOSS IS A LOSS do you NOT understand? Also, looking at Pat’s card for the answer is CHEATING!!! Furthermore, Pat has to warn the audience NOT to say anything during the BR. You see how much STUPID you are getting? They have a budget to control and there is NO SATURDAY OR SUNDAY FIRST-RUN NOR SUMMER FIRST-RUNS.

And your suggestion for letting contestants pick another three consonants and another vowel should they strikeout is FLATOUT STUPID and will cause the show to go BANKRUPT.  The $100,000 is designed to be hard to get and hard to win. DO YOU F—KING UNDERSTAND???

Have you ever been to Sony Pictures Studios and/or even looked up their phone number? Also, where do you live? Imperial, Missouri? And who do you work for? I will report to your boss and they’re gonna take care of you, you bastard.

Let’s Make a Deal Results 8/2/2018 (S9 Penultimate Episode)

Next week will be our 9th season finale of LMAD.

How Many Perfect Deals?: 2

Car Win?: Yes

Big Deal (Carl):

SD (#1): $1,300 cash only

MD (#3): Weekend Getaway and Luggage ($4,400) – Oh well!

BD (#2): Movie Theater Room with Popcorn Machine, Red Chairs + EVERYTHING ELSE

Quickie Deals:

Jeffery: Spell Cat’s last name correctly (J) – $

Carleton: Magnifying glass ($500) – $

Grade: C

Rating: 7