The Price is Right Vintage Results 11/20/1995

Switcheroo: W

Most Expensive: W

Check Game: L

Make Your Move: W

Temptation: L

Hi-Lo: L

Showcase Winner: Twyler ($30,697)

Grade: D+

Rating: 5

Message for Shaun Shaffer

Goddamn you, Shaun Shaffer! You are the MOST ANNOYING TROLL on the internet and nobody’s impressed! You really wanna fight, don’t you?? You don’t know what’s right from wrong and you don’t know when to stop. CALLING TECHNICAL LOSSES ARE NOT ONLY LIKE CALLING TECHNICAL WINS BUT IT IS JUST SINISTER AND FLAT OUT STUPID!!!!

Good thing your comments don’t go through so I can delete them before they can even go out in the wild. And also have you ever called up these shows and complained to them about technical wins and technical losses?

Furthermore, I reported to your ISP and they’re gonna take care of you. YOU REALLY NEED TO GET A LIFE AND DESERVE TO GET SLAPPED IN THE FACE YOU PIECE OF SHIT!! GET LOST, SHAUN SHAFFER!!!!!

Jeopardy Results 6/27/2018

If this guy wants to fight he’s gonna have to call the studios up and complain and argue with them on the phone about technical wins.

Daily Double Correct Answers: 2

Final Jeopardy Correct Answers: (Correct: What is the Masters Tournament?)


Grade: A

Rating: 9