Let’s Make a Deal Results 4/30/18

How Many Perfect Deals?: 1

Car Win?: No

Big Deal (Alfonso) revealed by door in order and increasing values:

SD (#1): Barbeques Galore pkg. + Omaha Steaks GC w/ hot sauces

MD (#2): Game rm. – Middled Out

BD (#3): 4n at Ayada Maldives + G-RO luggage ($21,556)

Sadly, we got a car shutout to end the month because Wheel of Fortune won’t offered one this week due to taping at Walt Disney World.

Rating: 5

Grade: D-

Let’s Make a Deal 4/27/18

How Many Perfect Deals?: 2

Car Win?: No

Big Deal (Lisa):

SD (#3): Trip to Basecamp Hotel (revealed last)

MD (#2): BULL island + furn. & veestro ($8,208)

BD (#1): moovia theater rm. + $4K – What a Pick

Sole Quickie Deal (Chaniece; like last yr.’s prom special the QDs took place while they were slow dancing on the studio floor): Correctly called that the coin Tiffany was holding was in her right hand, then thought the coin was a quarter to triple her $100 – BUT IT WAS A NICKEL

Grade: B

Rating: 8